School Turnaround Consultants for K-12

Providing data-driven insights for school turnarounds

As world-class consultants with decades of experience working with Fortune 500 global enterprises, we bring a deep understanding of leadership development and the competencies needed for sustained success.

We’ve walked through numerous corporate turnarounds at complex organizations. We’ve taken that expertise and apply it to the complex set of challenges school districts now face.

Since 2010, ClearView Consulting has partnered with top-flight organizations, such as the University of Virginia’s School Turnaround Specialist Program and national consulting firm Public Impact, to identify the principals and districts ready for school turnaround success.

In conjunction with our Partners, we work with schools and districts in the following ways:

Dennis Woodruff

Founder and CEO

Peter Prichard


Lisa Lawrence


We determine, through a designed interview process, if a district’s top leadership is ready to support a school turnaround program.

We assess, through rigorous competency-based interviews, whether principals in the district have the competencies and attributes needed to oversee and sustain a school turnaround.

We work with school districts to develop their talent pipelines.
We design, develop and deliver professional development aimed at increasing capabilities of current and future leaders.

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