Identifying exceptional leadership in K-12 public education

Founded in 2010, ClearView Consulting is passionate about helping school districts with chronically underperforming schools achieve long-term, sustainable success. We do this by working with district leadership and SEAs to get the right people in the right jobs doing the right things.

K-12 Leadership

Our goal is to ensure every school, in every district, has a great leader. Our focus is to help school districts identify, develop, and support these leaders.

With decades of experience developing talent in the private sector, including global enterprises and not-for-profits, we bring a deep understanding of the competencies required to be an exceptional leader who can effect real change.

We then help you identify these people in your district.

The benefits of partnering with ClearView Consulting include:

  • Rigorous competency-based evaluations

    Using the BEI, or behavioral event interview, we probe candidates and district leaders for behaviors and thinking that predict future success.

  • Deep understanding of leadership styles

    We’ve worked at the highest levels within Fortune 100 companies helping leaders create productive environments that lead to sustainable outcomes.

  • Holistic outlook

    We bring a solid understanding of inclusion, not just with regard to race or gender, but also communication and learning styles.

  • Results

    We deliver unbiased insights that school districts and our Partners need to make informed decisions.