Talent Management Process

Talent management refers to the planned and strategic management of employees by an organization. All work pertaining to who you recruit and hire, and how you develop people, needs to be done through a filter of what you’re trying to accomplish.

The following chart depicts the talent management process for selecting a school principal, from defining your talent needs to ongoing development. This process can be used for any leadership role within the school or district.

Talent strategy: Determining and acting on your true talent needs

  • Talent needs (including clear definition of roles beyond job title e.g. turnaround leader)
  • Talent sources
  • Selection system design
  • Sources of selection data to consider and relative weights
  • How to manage performance
  • Who gets involved?

Identify principal candidates

A district makes use of the first step or steps for principal selection as dictated by/defined in the talent strategy.

Behavioral Event Interview

Those candidates who pass the initial screening are scheduled for the BEI.

Consideration of multiple sources of evidence

Once the BEI is complete, other, predetermined, sources of information are reviewed to make final selection and placement decisions. Feedback is typically given but may or may not be available to external candidates.

Selection decisions, onboarding, and ongoing development

Selected candidates are properly oriented and a plan for ongoing development and performance milestones is put in place. Job performance feedback goes beyond annual performance reviews.