Identifying leaders with the competencies to achieve sustained success

ClearView Consulting trains school district leaders to conduct leadership assessments using the rigorous BEI (behavioral event interview). The training and interview process features four steps:

  • One day training session where ClearView Consulting works with district leaders on how to use the leadership competencies based on UVA’s data-driven model for school turnaround success.
  • Second day of training on how to use the BEI process.
  • Conducting the two-hour BEIs with school principals and other identified high potential leadership.
  • Data driven analysis of the interviews and scoring of each candidate across the seven competencies.

Using this method of analysis and scoring, district leaders can determine if a potential leader is exhibiting the appropriate level for any given competency. Through data analysis and non-biased scoring, school districts can then determine which candidates are the right candidates for the given challenge and situation.

ClearView Consulting works either in partnership with UVA or directly with school districts. The benefits of the Leadership Competency Assessments include:

  • Unbiased Perspective

    District leaders tell us they appreciate how the focus is on the data – without bias – in a manner that is clear and concise.

  • Objectivity

    Because the focus is on data, the noise that typically surrounds a candidate selection process is minimalized – allowing you to see potential leaders in an objective manner.

  • Results

    Because we’re experts in both the BEI process and private sector leadership development, we help you identify the principals and other leaders with the competencies needed to guide a school through a turnaround process – saving your district wasted time, money and effort.