Rigorous, transparent assessments for sustained success

The University of Virginia’s three-year school turnaround specialist program focuses on two components critical to chronically underperforming schools finding long-term success and positive performance:

  1. Finding high impact school leaders (see Leadership Competency Assessments)
  2. Ensuring each district has the capacity and conditions necessary to initiate, support and enhance transformational change

As part of our partnership with UVA, ClearView Consulting assesses districts applying to the School Turnaround program to determine readiness. UVA’s goal is to ensure the necessary conditions, capabilities and leaders are in place before program launch.

Using qualitative analysis and the BEI, ClearView Consulting’s District Readiness Assessment team rates each district to determine if:

  • The district demonstrates preparedness and willingness to engage in a systemic school turnaround effort
  • A compelling strategy and direction exists for improving high priority schools for sustained success

As part of the assessment process, we interview top leadership in your district. During these interviews, we assess whether the conditions are in place to support school leadership in the process of turnaround.

Benefits of partnering with ClearView Consulting include:

  • Non-biased guidance

    We help you select and develop leaders who have the best potential for success. We also provide the skills you need to build your talent pipeline. [NOTE: CCC to provide clarifying info]

  • Sustained success

    We help you select your group’s “shepherd,” the person who will work with the turnaround principals in UVA’s program. Selecting the best person for this role will help establish the turnaround conditions necessary for program success are established.