Helping districts and schools build leadership development pipelines

Through workshops, coaching, and the BEI process, ClearView Consulting works with district and school leaders to strategize the actions needed to grow talent for the most demanding leadership roles.

The ClearView Consulting team works with you to discover the possibilities you can achieve with the people you’ve already identified as leaders, as well as learning how to identify, select, and grow potential leaders further down in the pipeline – such as teachers.

By creating a formal and strategic process based on objective data and organizational development tactics used by top organizations around the world, you help ensure your school turnaround stays on track – significantly increasing the positive outcomes you desire.

ClearView Consulting helps K-12 districts and the schools within them develop critical leadership pipelines through:

  • Strategizing

    Rather than plug people into holes, we work with you to determine what kinds of people and skill sets are needed for your particular situation.

  • Selecting and Evaluating

    Using our interview methodology, you’ll learn how to ask the right questions to get the answers you need and to determine your candidates’ capabilities for your most demanding leadership roles. We make the data clear to provide insight for your decisions.

  • Growing future talent

    For the private sector, leadership development is a given. By working with ClearView Consulting, you’ll learn how to develop a talent pipeline for your district as well as how to start grooming talent earlier in their careers.