Our Partners

Much of our work is delivered in partnership with other organizations. These organizations sought us out due to our demonstrated expertise, work ethic, transparency, collaborative work style, and passion for positive student outcomes.

University of Virginia

School Turnaround Program
University of Virginia

Launched in 2003, UVA’s Partnership for Leaders in Education initiative seeks to significantly raise educational outcomes by strengthening district and school leadership. As part of its mission, the PLE launched the School Turnaround Program. A three-year district and school leadership development program, the School Turnaround Program emphasizes improving the school system’s conditions through four main levers of change: Leadership, Differentiated Support and Accountability, Talent Management, and Instructional Infrastructure.

One of the Program’s core beliefs is that high-impact leadership is a primary driver of student outcomes and is necessary for school transformation. UVA relies on ClearView Consulting to work with districts to interview and select the most promising people via the rigorous BEI process — as well as develop selected leaders.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

The mission of the WW MBA Fellowship program is to recruit, prepare, and support outstanding prospective leaders for schools and districts and to transform the way in which school leaders are prepared at American universities. The Foundation began the WW MBA Fellowship in 2012. Today it involves six universities in three states.

ClearView Consulting partners with Woodrow Wilson to assess potential candidates through the BEI process.

States and School Districts

Urban and Rural
States & School Districts

We work directly with states and/or individual school districts. These engagements include training district leadership to conduct their own BEI process and/or creating talent pipelines and leadership development programs.