Programs and Workshops

In addition to its consulting practice and work with partners such as Woodrow Wilson and UVA, ClearView Consulting offers private leadership development programs and workshops for school districts.

Creating High Performance School Cultures — A high-level, results-oriented leadership program designed specifically to address the challenges district leaders and principals face when developing potential leaders.

Leadership Styles and Climate — An opportunity to understand different leadership styles and when they are appropriate.  Participants will identify their first choices of styles and how to broaden their repertoire to better meet their current challenges.

Talent Pipeline Consultation — ClearView Consulting is pleased to offer working sessions on talent management. Talent management is about how organizations can get the right people, in the right roles, doing the right things. What is right for your organization depends on your strategy, your vision, your mission, and how you can optimally serve your constituents into the future. Our working sessions are modified to fit your organization’s needs. They involve reflecting on the evolving needs of those you serve to consider things such as:

  • What are your values?
  • What skills and competencies are most needed in key roles?
  • How can you coach and develop your team members?
  • How can you cultivate an internal pipeline of future leaders?
  • How can you find sources of high-quality future hires and select the right people?

ClearView consultants will meet with you to discuss your particular needs and opportunities to create a starting point for the session. Often there are two hours or less of prework so that the working session can proceed from a place of common understanding.

Building a Coaching Culture — Ultimately the success of any district depends on the strengths of the people within the organization.  This workshop helps participants understand how to build strengths in others depending on situation and demeanor with easy to use  techniques and tools that will increase success immediately.

Senior Leadership Teams — The effectiveness of senior teams in planning,  decision-making, and execution can have a huge impact on the success of staff and students in a district.  This workshop allows the team to reflect on the why, how and what of how the team interacts to create value for the district.