Creating High Performance School Cultures

One of the biggest challenges school district leaders face today is selecting and developing strong principals who can consistently drive student performance and growth — while at the same time managing the day-to-day dynamics of a large, complex, and diverse organization.

It’s not that these talented, experienced educators can’t make great leaders – they can. But many initially lack the skills and experience necessary:

  • to effectively lead and develop a team of talented adults;
  • be the public face of the school and district within the community;
  • work with parents to address concerns and problems;

— all the while ensuring their key constituents — the students — are prepared for the future.

Numerous research studies have shown that effective leaders improve the performance of those they lead through the cultures they shape.

To help public school districts develop school leaders who can create these cultures, ClearView Consulting now offers Creating High-Performance School Cultures.

A high-level, results-oriented leadership program, Creating High-Performance School Cultures is designed specifically to address the challenges district leaders and principals face when developing potential leaders.

The program is comprised of the three key steps to generate leadership success.

Step #1: Gather data on leaders

The ClearView Consulting team begins by assessing the leadership competencies of the individual leaders, the leadership styles they’re using, and the culture that they’re presently creating in their organization.

We also assess the leadership styles, or patterns of behavior, used by the individuals to motivate, engage, and develop their teams, as well as the culture in which they work.

Step #2: Leadership Development Work Session

Through group discussion, we introduce school principals to the competencies and behaviors needed to be more effective school leaders.

Using a variety of learning strategies, including small-group discussions, exercises, confidential individual feedback, and coaching, we help participants explore their strengths and developmental needs, and begin creating a plan for improving their leadership.

These 1- to 2-day work sessions provide a safe, open environment that allows participants to share and address their particular leadership challenges.

Step #3: Post-work Session Support

Learning new behaviors takes time and practice. To ensure your leaders leverage their insights to grow, ClearView Consulting offers a variety of follow-up opportunities, including individual and team coaching, webinars, and follow-up sessions.


Using the insights generated from the surveys, work sessions, and consultations, your school leaders will have the tools and knowledge needed to successfully shape the school culture needed where teachers and students can excel.

“I work with Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellows in Education Leadership and was able to provide this training to my current and aspiring school leaders. All felt the process gave them great insight into their own leadership styles and helped them realize where they need to further grow, but the impact on current leaders was phenomenal.

They were able to identify some fundamental behaviors that were holding them back as leaders and immediately begin to change the way they interacted with their staff. It was truly a turning point for them and their effectiveness. I highly recommend this workshop as an avenue for personal and professional growth!”

— Andrea Fletcher NMSU Director, WW-MBA Fellowship Program

Scheduling Your School Leadership Program

To engage in a confidential conversation with Dennis Woodruff, CEO, about the Creating High Performance School Cultures program, please contact him by email or phone.