Helping K-12 public school districts
build leadership pipelines

For schools to reach optimal performance in the face of overwhelming challenges and cultural change, it’s crucial for school districts to create the systems needed to attract, assess, and develop top leadership talent.

Since 2010, ClearView Consulting has worked with districts and state education agencies across the U.S., both urban and rural, to attract, identify, and assess effective leadership talent for sustained school success.

District Engagements map

In conjunction with our Partners, and on a case-by-case basis, we work with states and school districts in the following ways:

We design, develop and deliver professional development aimed at increasing capabilities of current and future leaders.

We train district and school leadership teams to identify potential leaders using the rigorous BEI process.

We determine, through a designed interview process, if a district’s top leadership is ready to support a school turnaround program.