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Expand Your Tribe and Embrace the Learning from Crisis

Crisis ultimately is a crucible, an opportunity to grow our own leadership and create change because we must. As a community of educators, our voices and stories can surface valuable lessons. We want to hear what you’re doing during the pandemic. What changes do you face as leaders and what changes have you made in your approach to address them? How are you personally coping with the crisis? We will be holding a series of Zoom chats so that school and district leaders can learn from and support each other:

How Districts can Support School Leaders

May 4, 5:00 CT
This session is for district leaders to share and explore where they see their school leaders struggling and what supports they’ve tried.

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How School Leaders Can Support School Staff

May 5, 5:00 CT
This session is for school leaders to share and explore the challenges their staff is facing and how they are providing support.

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